Skye Website Services: Web design, improvements and upgrades. Website management, development, training, promotion and
marketing. Specialising in assisting sole traders and small businesses on the Isle of Skye, and the rest of the Highlands
and Islands of Scotland, and other parts of the UK, particularly in remote areas.

Updating and Managing Your Website


Normally you will either update your website offline on your own computer using a web editor, and then upload the files to your web server, or you will make changes directly to it online using a Content Management System. Either way it can be time-consuming and there may be many important considerations of which you may be unaware.


It is extremely easy to make a mess of your website if you do not fully know what you are doing and, most importantly, what not to do! This is what many of the books and manuals and training courses and web editing software systems do not show you. It is very easy, for example, to:

  • end up with pages that take several minutes to load for users on a dial-up connection
  • lose your vital search engine positioning for important search phrases by means of which people are currently finding your site
  • have pages that display oddly at various screen sizes and resolutions (for example users being forced to scroll horizontally to read a page at low screen resolutions, or text looking illegibly tiny at higher screen resolutions)
  • end up with a website that is hard to navigate, information that is hard to find, and which is generally off-putting to users

This is why I offer website management and administration as an integral part of my pay per click advertising package. There is no point in having lots of website visitors if your website does not match their expectations! Therefore I offer to take over the day-to-day management of your website as part of this package, or, if you prefer, train you to manage your website to a high standard.


I also offer these services as standalone packages whether or not you choose to use my advertising package. I believe that your business will benefit significantly from my experience in this field. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further for a no-obligation quote.



Content Management Systems



These systems are useful if you are not very computer-literate, or if there are several people in your organisation who have responsibility for updating your website working from different locations. I can offer to integrate your existing website with such a system or assist you in using one.



Web Editing Software



You may be using web editing software, such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage to update your website. It can be extremely difficult to use these systems if you are not familiar with the way in which websites work. I can assist you in making better use of these systems, and even show you how to build websites the old-fashioned way by using HTML code if you prefer!