Skye Website Services: Web design, improvements and upgrades. Website management, development, training, promotion and
marketing. Specialising in assisting sole traders and small businesses on the Isle of Skye, and the rest of the Highlands
and Islands of Scotland, and other parts of the UK, particularly in remote areas.

Site / Placement Targeted Advertising


Your adverts will appear on many websites based on the actual content of the web pages on which they appear. For example, if you are bidding for the search term "scottish herbs" your ad can appear not just on the search engines when that phrase is entered, but also on various web pages which host search engine ads, wherever the words "scottish" or "herbs", or other related words, appear on those web pages. This is usually referred to as "Content Match" or "Automatic Placements", and is an integral part of search engine Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.


A more highly targeted form of content-matched advertising is also available known as "Placement Targeting" or "Managed Placements". Here it is possible to specify the websites on which your adverts will appear. Thus in our example, you could specify sites which are to do with alternative health, cooking, etc. I can carry out this form of advertising on your behalf of you within my normal package, if you wish.


It is also possible to place images and even videos, as well as plain text adverts on some websites using this kind of system. Therefore it can be a very valuable resource if your products or services have a strong visual appeal. If you wish to make use of this aspect of the system, please contact me regarding costs.




Other Forms of Advertising



As technology develops, more and more forms of website advertising are becoming available. Please watch this space as I add information about this.



Training - the DIY Option



I can also train you in how to do it yourself. This option is usually only suitable if you have plenty of time. It will save you money, but as you will discover, running an effective PPC campaign can be an intricate and complex business.


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