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Pay Per Click Advertising Training


It is easy to run a PPC advertising campaign badly. It is very difficult to run one well. With training you can save thousands of pounds on your advertising costs and get more highly targetted customers at the same time!


I have considerable experience in running PPC advertising campaigns and training clients in how to manage such campaigns themselves. I have a thorough, professional, but fun and friendly approach and my clients learn how to enjoy running their campaigns.


I offer four training sessions, which normally need to be carried out in the specified order. The first one is usually sufficient on its own to get you up and running, the other three improve and develop your campaign. The training session schema offered below is customisable to your specific needs. Costs for training will vary according to your needs, the scale of your proposed campaign, and discounts are available for existing clients.


  1. Basic Google Adwords Setup and Use. Here I take you through the setup process and get your campaign going with two or more ad groups. You will learn how to write advertising copy which meets Google standards and which is attractive to users, match your adverts with the relevant search terms and set appropriate bids. We shall learn about the different types of matching for search terms so as to reduce costs from wasted click throughs.

  2. Placement Targeting and Creation of Image Adverts. You will learn how to place your adverts on selected websites via the Google system, and also how to control the content match programme so that your adverts do not appear on inappropriate websites. You will also learn how to compose image adverts as well as text adverts: many websites permit these and you can use the Google system to experiment with which kinds of adverts work best for you. More information on placement targeting ...

  3. Campaign Analysis: use of Conversion Tracking, Goal Conversion, Analytics, and Adwords Reports. How to interpret the data to your best advantage for improving your campaign and your general marketing strategy. This course usually requires that your website has analytics and /or conversion or lead tracking code added to your website. I can arrange this for you.

  4. Yahoo Search Marketing Advertising and Microsoft Ad Centre Advertising. In order not to place all your eggs in the Google basket it is a good idea to spread your advertising over other major search networks. Due to a lower volume of advertiser competition, it is often possible to obtain cheaper click-throughs via these other systems.


Non-Search Related Advertising



"What if people do not normally search for my products or services via search engines?"


Your adverts will appear on many websites based on the actual content of the web pages on these sites. This can be enhanced significantly by using a process called "site targeting".


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PPC Campaign Management Packages



If you prefer not to do-it-yourself, then I offer a number of packages:


Integrated Website Management Package


Budget Package


A Hybrid Package involving training and management