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Hybrid Website Advertising / Management / Training Package - Costs


The package below is intended for small and medium enterprises. Costs are scaleable according to your specific needs. The costs indicated below are likely prices.


It takes a good six months to have a really streamlined and efficient campaign running. This is because so much of PPC advertising involves a massive degree of trial and error, and ongoing analysis of which search term / advert combinations work best over a sustained period of time.


In this package what I do is set up and run the campaign on your behalf for the first six months. This includes advertising costs, and includes website management and / or consultancy, and constant reviews. After the six month period, however, I hand over the campaign to you - you now meet all the costs - and I train you how to manage it. What you will be getting is a highly efficient and well developed PPC advertising campaign and first class training in how to manage it yourself.


Payment is in two stages. The first advance payment is for the campaign setup and development over the first six months. You will have, within hours, a campaign running with ads showing across the four major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Windows Live (MSN) and Ask (Jeeves), and on numerous websites based on the content of the pages on those sites. And I shall be meeting all advertising costs for the first six months and delivering at least 200 visitors per month, usually a lot more. Moreover, as the months progress, these visitors will be increasingly likely to make enquiries, purchases and / or bookings, as I refine the campaign. The payment for the first phase is 1500.


The second payment is for the handover process in which I train you in how to manage your own campaign. This training usually involves four separate half day training sessions. Also included is a reasonable degree of post-training telephone and email support for the next six months. The second phase costs 1000 excluding travel and subsistence costs for the training sessions - no travel and subsistence costs, of course, if they are held at my office. Payments must be made in advance.


As payments are made in advance, a written agreement will be signed for your protection, with refund policies clearly specified.


Non-Search Related Advertising



"What if people do not normally search for my products or services via search engines?"


Your adverts will appear on many websites based on the actual content of the web pages on these sites. This can be enhanced significantly by using a process called "placement targeting".


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Training - the DIY Option



I can also train you in how to do it yourself. This option is usually only suitable if you have plenty of time. It will save you money, but as you will discover, running an effective PPC campaign can be an intricate and complex business.


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