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Integrated Website Advertising / Management Package - Costs


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The following costs apply to small businesses (e.g. holiday cottages) with a tight budget in a moderately competitive market. (The campaign can be scaled up to any level, including enterprise level as the same principles apply. In the latter case competitors will be bidding at a much higher levels for clicks, and therefore much more detailed performance analysis is required to ensure minimal wastage.)


In this package, campaign maintenance includes the actual costs of the advertising so you will not have extra advertising costs on top of what is quoted below, nor will most updates to your website cost any extra either as these are part of the package.


For new customers there is usually an initial first month setup charge of 300, payable at the beginning. (Existing customers usually dont pay the first month setup charge, and simply pay the monthly rate of 150). This gives your campaign a good kick-start - you will have, within hours, a campaign running with ads showing across the four major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing (formerly MSN Search and Windows Live Search) and Ask (Jeeves), and on numerous relevant websites which host Google Adverts based on the content of the pages on those sites.


The basic intention behind this is to ensure that by the end of the first month you have a strong campaign which is actually bringing you sales and / or bookings.


After the first month, the campaign maintenance costs run at 150 per month on an ongoing basis. There is a minimum commitment of three months. However, these do not have to be consecutive months. They can be any three months in a year from the beginning of the campaign. You may wish to switch your campaign off when bookings / sales are high, and on again when bookings / sales are low. I also offer a 10% discount if you wish to commit for six months.



If you do not wish to go on paying a regular monthly fee, but wish instead to take over your campaign management after a period of time, then I have an alternative package whereby I create the campaign for you over a period of six months, and then hand it over to you with training in how to manage it.


Non-Search Related Advertising



"What if people do not normally search for my products or services via search engines?"


Your adverts will appear on many websites based on the actual content of the web pages on these sites. This can be enhanced significantly by using a process called "placement targeting".


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Training - the DIY Option



I can also train you in how to do it yourself. This option is usually only suitable if you have plenty of time. It will save you money, but as you will discover, running an effective PPC campaign can be an intricate and complex business.


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