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Integrated Website Advertising / Management Package


What I describe below is my standard package. If you have a very low budget and want a cheaper option, please click here.


When you are trying to obtain business via Pay Per Click Advertising, there are a series of steps that must be taken otherwise you will not end up with many sales or bookings!

  1. Your adverts must show up in a reasonably high position for search terms which your potential customers commonly use, and / or for a very wide range of relevant but less commonly used search terms. (The latter is vitally important when there is fierce competition from other advertisers for the most popular search terms)
  2. Your adverts must attract users to click on them. Your adverts therefore must be highly relevant to the exact search terms which your potential customers are using, and must look genuine and trustworthy.
  3. These search phrase - advert combinations must closely match the content on the pages on your website to which searchers are directed when they click on your adverts.
  4. Your website must hold your visitors' attention and attract them to make enquiries, bookings and / or purchases.

For this reason I offer an integrated package which takes care of all four steps. Simply getting large numbers of visitors to your website is not enough. You must get visitors who may want to purchase the products or services which you provide, and your website must then encourage them to do so.


Therefore updates to your website are included in this package. This means that you can request updates, and I will also propose and carry out updates which I think will help the marketing objectives. Up to three hours work on your website is included every month. However, unused time in any one month is not transferrable to another month.


If your website is already managed by someone else then as an alternative to the above, I will co-ordinate closely with your website administrator to get the changes done.


I would expect to be able to get you in the region of 200 - 500 visitors per month (sometimes considerably more) for relevant search phrases with this package, although this will very much depend on the level of competition from other advertisers, so this figure is based on the majority of the websites I have advertised to date. If you want a higher volume of visitors, then this can be arranged at extra cost. I can scale the campaign up or down to your specific requirements - by setting lower or higher targets for visitor numbers.


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Non-Search Related Advertising



"What if people do not normally search for my products or services via search engines?"


Your adverts will appear on many websites based on the actual content of the web pages on these sites. This can be enhanced significantly by using a process called "placement targeting".


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Training - the DIY Option



I can also train you in how to do it yourself. This option is usually only suitable if you have plenty of time. It will save you money, but as you will discover, running an effective PPC campaign can be an intricate and complex business.


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