Skye Website Services: Web design, improvements and upgrades. Website management, development, training, promotion and
marketing. Specialising in assisting sole traders and small businesses on the Isle of Skye, and the rest of the Highlands
and Islands of Scotland, and other parts of the UK, particularly in remote areas.

About Skye Website Services

My name is Alasdair Broun and I run Skye Website Services. Over the years, I have been employed in various aspects of IT, including search engine optimisation. Originally from the Lowlands of Scotland, I moved to the Highlands of Scotland in February 2003. In March 2005 I went self-employed and started the business which I named "Skye Website Services" in 2006.


Although I am a sole trader, I work with other contractors to bring you the best possible service at a very reasonable price. Currently, I work with Steven Ballantyne of Redkite Internet Design Agency near Inverness, who provides art work and graphic design services for me when required, and software developer David Wright who runs a successful Skye holiday accommodation directory.


Most of my own business came from within the locality of the Isle of Skye, via word of mouth, although I do have clients in Wester Ross and in the Borders. When it comes to IT services most people rightly prefer to deal with a local provider with whom they can have direct contact, and who has been recommended to them by people they know. Personal service is vital in the bewilderingly complex world of IT with an ever-increasing plethora of options.


Many people have discovered that the money seemingly saved in going to large national and international IT companies and "out-of-the-box" solutions is lost in other ways - such as having to deal with customer service staff who do not know the locality or understand their particular needs, inflexibility, time-consuming written support material and help files to wade through, and hidden extra costs.


A local provider can meet needs immediately and with a flexibility that a larger and more geographically distant company cannot. I work face to face with many of my clients, sitting down at a computer with them in their own homes or premises, or at my office, showing them exactly what I am doing and why, and working out the best way to benefit their business through personal interaction. For many websites, especially those in tourism, high quality photography is absolutely essential.


I am also working on a native Scottish trees website in my spare time. It is a large project and I only have limited time to spend on it, but I am interested in collaborating with anyone who might have a similar interest. My other hobbies include astronomy and the Isle of Skye now has a number of designated Dark Sky sites.


I would like to thank Alan Campbell of Woodrising Gallery for supplying me the beautiful banner picture for my old website, and which is still on my business cards.


"Having been on one of your website courses recently, it revealed to me just how little I knew about the subject of making our website pay.

I am glad to say that your delivery on the course has been borne out by practical work and both my wife and I have been most pleased by the site you have built for us. Though barely up and running, the site has already shown positive results and we are looking forward to enjoying a long and happy relationship with you, as your level of service and attention to detail are second to none.."


Contact Details




Telephone: 01463 633777

Mobile: 07780 922036




Formerly Breakish, Isle of Skye. Now Skelbo, Dornoch, IV25 3QF



Specialist Skills



Website Promotion & Marketing - I help you make sure that potential customers find your website and purchase your services and products.

Website Advice & Consultancy - I assist you in ensuring that your website does what you want and need it to do and check it for problems.

Website Design - I build and produce websites to your exact specifications.

Website Training - I can train you to manage your own website, your own website marketing campaign, and various other aspects of websites and computing.