Skye Website Services: Web design, improvements and upgrades. Website management, development, training, promotion and
marketing. Specialising in assisting sole traders and small businesses on the Isle of Skye, and the rest of the Highlands
and Islands of Scotland, and other parts of the UK, particularly in remote areas.

NEWS: register your interest for Making Your Website Pay presented at the Ullapool Conference & Trade Fair by Skye Website Services on Monday 14th February 2011. Previously presented in Portree (March 2007), Ullapool (February 2008) and Sabhal Mor Ostaig near Armadale in Sleat (January 2009)."Just what I needed to improve my web site - A very professional approach - This is a 'must do' workshop for any small business wanting to gain full potential from their web site", John Cross, Director, John Cross Clinics, March 2007.


Great website? Few visitors? Even fewer sales or bookings? I can help you get more visitors to your website; not just any visitors, but visitors who are looking for the kinds of products and services that you supply. And I can do this at a surprisingly low cost.


If you don't already have a website and need one, I provide web design and / or consultancy services to ensure that you get a genuinely effective website.


I also provide training courses for small and medium businesses and individual tuition in various aspects of internet marketing.


Feel free to call me now to discuss your requirements and for no-obligation advice ...

I specialise in placing adverts for your website on search engines such as Google, which appear in the sponsored listings section. This is known as "Pay Per Click" (PPC) advertising. I also place adverts for your website on other relevant websites.


Many people allege that this is not effective, because they "never click on the paid-for listings" or on website adverts. However, this is because most such adverts are highly generic. I have found that by placing well-written adverts related specifically to the search terms that potential customers might deploy, or on carefully selected websites, I often achieve very good results for my clients and at a far lower cost than traditional newspaper and magazine advertising.


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I also specialise in optimising your website so that it gets a higher position in the "organic" listings within Google and other search engines, for relevant search phrases.


Beware of promises of "guaranteed No.1 results on Google". There is massive competition for search engine positioning for all but the most obscure search phrases these days. Tricks often have to be resorted to in order to produce results. It is often not easy to obtain reliable, meaningful, legitimate results without considerable investment of time and effort, therefore I recommend you also look at the alternative, namely advertising on search engines via sponsored links as well as my page on search engine optimisation. I do, however, offer a "no-win, no-fee" pay-per-results service for carefully defined outcomes.


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Web Design



My websites are designed to work well with search engines, load pages quickly for users on slow internet connections without compromising on visual quality for other users, be easy to modify and upgrade, and are built specifically to meet marketing objectives. Through hand-coding, I am able to provide websites which meet these standards, websites which are robust and reliable, and provide my clients with long term success ...   more >

Training Services and Courses

"We have found the assistance provided by Skye Website Services to be friendly, very efficient and comprehensive. The level of support, including follow up, has been of top quality.", Joyce & Brian Heggie  Knott Cottage Self Catering, November 2007.


Website Training


If you prefer to take more control over your website and its promotion, I can provide one-to-one training in website management, development, optimisation, advertising and marketing, customised to your particular requirements, either here or at your place of work. A reasonable degree of post-training telephone / email support is included too.


Starting Pay Per Click Advertising from scratch


Learn how to manage your own Google AdWords campaign to a high degree of proficiency ...

The training includes the setting up of the PPC campaign itself, although it does not involve the actual advertising costs. I suggest three training sessions with at least a week in between each session.  


Improving Your Use of Pay Per Click Advertising


Improve your proficiency in running your own Google AdWords campaign ...

If you already have a PPC campaign running, then this package is for you. I suggest two training sessions spaced out over a period of at least a week.  


Website Management


Manage your own website instead of having to rely on someone else ...

If you do not yet know how to maintain your website, I offer training in all the main aspects of updating your site. I recommend three training sessions which can be on consecutive days if you wish. 


Search Engine Optimisation


Make your website pay! ...

If you already know how to update your website, I can train you how to optimise your website for search engines. Typically, a single day's training should be sufficient to show you how to do it. However, bear in mind that you will have a lot of work to do on your own afterwards to make the knowledge you will gain effective!  




Website Consultancy



Perhaps your website is getting plenty of visitors, but your sales and / or bookings are low. My expert website consultancy service can provide you with recommendations on how to improve your website, and also the means of implementation through my own services and those of other local contractors with whom I work.


"Last year our bookings were slow. We called in Alasdair to provide website consultancy and training in pay per click advertising. We implemented his website recommendations, and applied his advertising system. Since then our bookings have increased considerably."


Tracy Hextall, Office Administrator, Islands & Highlands Cottages, August 2006